25% of income for Herosi! 16 czerwca, 2013 12:00 am

Rapsodia (Rhapsody) is a musical project created by the composer-producer Martin Wierzbicki who after writing over 100 compositions decided to record and publish them. Many years have passed before first steps to fulfill this goal were taken in November of 2012. Eliza Wietrzyńska known in Poland from the Bitwa na głowy (Clash of the Choirs) talent show has become the main vocalist and Paweł Szczubiał from the Katofonia Workshop studio serves as audio engineer. what is worth mentioning is the fact that Rapsodia does not focus its actions only on music. The group is far from being indifferent to the needs of others. Rapsodia has decided to transfer 25% of the future income from the sale of their CDs, singles, concerts’ tickets, etc. to the Herosi Foundation’s bank account which is nothing but humanitarian aid severly ill children need.

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