A piece of good fortune for tennis fans!

Sierpień 8, 2009 1:45 pm

 Marcin Matkowski and Mariusz Fyrstenberg – the best Polish tennis players have continued to co-operate with our Charity. They first joined us just before Easter for the action of painting eggs. Remember ?


This time Marcin and Mariusz presented us with some tennis gadgets such as:

         signed t-shirts with the Olimpic Games logo,

         dvd with tennis lessons,

         signed photos and posters,

         adidas t-shirt.

Additionally real tennis fans will have a unique opportunity to bid for Mariusz Fyrstenberg’s tennis racket during an auction. This is not the end of surprises. Also open for bidding is to be: a 30 min training with Mariusz (the turn of Aug and Sept).

The revenue from the auction will be used to purchase the medical equipment for the oncological division of Mother and Child Hospital in Warsaw.

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