Allow me to be better …..

Czerwiec 22, 2009 10:52 am

Bartosz Kühn – a 21- years – old talented artist decided to support our Charity by handing his drawings over to us. These drawings will be sold by auction and the money received will be used to help children who have cancer.A majority of Bartosz drawings have short poems added to them which stimulate the imagination furthermore. One of the drawings entitled “Allow me to be better” was created to point out that many people live without noticing that around us there are people in pain. The strings on the drawing symbolize powerlessness and a sense of being steered by someone’s hand. A human shape from the drawing appeals to the steering one: “Allow me to be better” – release me from fetters and allow me to be independent.


 As a form of thanks for volleyball players’ help Bartosz pained the picture entitled “The dreams”. Bartosz painted also “The heroes” – and said that this is not so difficult to be a hero – anyone can be. All Bartosz’s drawings and paintings are very moving.




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