Another „Christmaas Eve” at the orphanage :) 20 grudnia, 2011 12:00 am

On Tuesday we have visited another orphanage during the Christmas Eve celebration. The director of this particular facility has given us special award expressing gratitude for our ongoing collaboration.

After sharing the Christmas wafer and delicious supper, as well as the Nativity play performed by children, the culminating moment has come – Santa Claus has appeared holding tons of presents for 60 children. We do not have to describe in details their joy when they were given gifts of dreams. The joy was even bigger, because last year those children were not that lucky, and unfortunately have not received any Christmas gifts..

That is why we would like to thank you very much to all good-hearted people who have helped us organise the presents’ purchase. You have made those children very happy returning at the same time their belief in miracles. We are very grateful with all our hearts!


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