Charity Match in Florida! 21 listopada, 2010 9:17 am


Information about buying a hospital bed for the oncology division by Marcin Matkowski and Mariusz Fyrstenberg has reached the Polish living in Florida!

Moreover, October's tennis match in Warsaw became an inspiration.for our compatriots overseas. Already on November, 21st there is a similar match to be organized. This time it will take place in the U.S. Filip Gresk with Zuzanna Maciejewska will meet Mrs. Jola Walczuk-Haschek (project organizer), accompanied by a Polish coach who lives in the USA. It is going to be a double: Polish vs. Polish living in USA.

The sponsor for the event is the Best Sports Vacations – authorized representative of Bollettieri IMG Tennis Academy, which already has contributed $ 500 for this purpose. The match will take place on the center court in Bollettieri IMG Tennis Academy at 11 am. (Florida time). The organizers also planned lunch at the Polish Castle Cafe Restaurant, where after the match the guests will pay an entrance fee of $ 20, each of which will go to our Charity. In addition, during lunch, the auction of t-shirts and items donated by PZT (bags / clothes of Polish athletes from the Olympic Games) will be held. Universal Music Poland/ Magic Records, also handed over gifts for this event – several CDs which will be sold in the restaurant.

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