Czesuaf Cabaret at the oncology department 27 października, 2012 12:00 am

On that Saturday morning we greeted the very first snow outside the window this year. But it was no obstacle for the guests of the Herosi Foundation’s wards – patients of the oncology department of Instytut Matki i Dziecka (Mother and Child Institute) of Warsaw. Czesuaf Cabaret paid children a visit once again to make them laugh.

Tomasz Nowaczyk, Maciej Morze and Wojciech Kowalczyk – members of the group present that day at the hospital – became true heroes of that frosty morning. As their first visit that one also caused a lot of laughter and pure joy among youngsters. They were answering questions that intrigued a very demanding audience which are the children oncology department’s patients. At first they were coming up timidly to our guests but after a while of common frolics there were no marks of it anymore. Everyone had a wonderful time. Visit our gallery to see children’s smiling faces and the Czesuaf Cabaret.



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