Help for the oncological division 31 marca, 2009 7:23 pm
Every year in Poland 1 200 – 1 300 children (out of 8.5 million population of youngsters up to 18 years old) come down with cancer. Caner is the second, after accidents, cause of children deaths. Statistics show that 70 – 75% of these young people can be totally cured. According to Mother and Child Hospital from Warsaw this percentage can reach even 90, if the cancer is diagnosed early enough.
Oncological division of Mother and Child Hospital give medical attendance to young patients from the whole country. They treat the various types of cancer, e.g.: tissue cancer, bone cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer and others.

Mother and Child Hospital specializes in non-invasive cancer treatment, in many cases it allows to save limbs of the ill children/teenagers. The Hospital uses eno – prothesis that “grow” together with the child. Mother and Child Institute started to use endo – prothesis as one of the first in the world. About 50 children and teenagers have the endo – prothesis implanted every year. Only in the absolutely necessary situations the legs need to be amputated.
Our Charity, in co-operation, with top foreign and Polish volleyball players wants to help the oncological division of Mother and Child Hospital to purchase medical and recovery equipment. To get the money needed the volleyball players painted Easter eggs which will be sold by auction. The auction starts on March, 31.

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