How we reach our targets 4 marca, 2009 6:21 pm

The Charity reaches its targets through:

  1. The education of volunteers to visit the ill and the disabled in hospitals, clinics, shelters, orphanages and other similar institutions.
  2. Organizing visits of trained volunteers, volley players as well as other sports and show business celebrities in the hospitals, clinics, shelters, orphanages and other similar institutions.
  3. Fairytale-therapy, laugh-therapy and other forms of psychological and pedagogical therapy.
  4. Collection of information about ill people in need to help them.
  5. Financial and material help delivered directly to people in need or institutions which cure or care about ill or disabled people.
  6. Co-operation with the other organizations that have similar targets as Heros charity.
  7. Promotion of volunteering
  8. Organization and support of sport events as well as sport clubs.
  9. Organization of different activities for ill or disabled children as well as adults in their free time; encouraging them to involve in sports and culture area.
  10. Preparation of artistic events.
  11. Creation of acting groups in schools, clubs and welfare institutions.
  12. Organization of different forms of recreation, e.g. camps.
  13. Participation in scientific and research projects.
  14. Organization of social campaigns, lectures, conferences, trainings, discussions and other forms of activity to accomplish the targets of the Charity.
  15. Bridging the gap between the disabled and the healthy.
  16. Popularization of social education.
  17. Co-operation with institutions listed in point 1.
  18. Support of initiatives that popularize sport.
  19. Co-operation with sport clubs and other institutions involved in sport and recreation activities, among them with Polish Volleyball Association and Professional Volleyball League.

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