Jerzy Dudek for Herosi Foundation 10 grudnia, 2011 12:00 am

Who is this gentleman in the picture?

Probably everyone knows the answer. It is the goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek of such professional football teams like FC Liverpool or Real Madrid. He is also the Champions League winner of 2005 and the nventor of probably the most popular dance among the fans of The Reds. He is not only an outstanding athlete but also a man of great heart. Although his professional career is being suspended he gets involved in many sport related events dedicated to the promotion of this sport discipline. During one of them he has found some time to participate in our ornament painting action. Eager to help, ha has got down to the work fully concentrated and has finished it quickly, as a professional should. “Good job!” is what he has said about the whole campaign. Not much, but significantly.

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