Meeting with Giba 10 grudnia, 2008 12:00 am

 Thanks to Żelisław Żyżyński, Aneta Rostkowska ( Vice-President of the Board of Directors) met with Giba, the best and the most famous volleyball player in the world.

Giba gave his consent to co-operate with Heros Charity. He even promised to come to Poland and visit, with our team, children in hospitals. Thanks to Katarzyna Fraś and Monika Sieniawska Giba’s training t-shirt was sent to us from Brazil. That t-shirt, with Giba’s autograph, will be sold by auction; the money received will be used to accomplish the targets of our charity. The winner of the auction will get this t-shirt from Giba in the middle of match Poland vs Brazil that will take place in Poland.

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