New Year’s Eve: gifts, champagne, poker and boogie 5 stycznia, 2011 3:28 pm

 Krzysztof Wierzbowski and Janusz  Gałązka the volleyball players from AZS Warsaw University of Technology in gold hats and funny sunglasses participated in the New Year's Eve party organized by our Charity for Mother and Child Hospital oncology patients.

At the beginning sportsmen distributed gifts to children. The players admitted that the sight of smiling children faces caused them great joy. Volleyball players helped the younger children to unpack their packages. Although an exception occurred: 4-year-old Olive, when she saw a large parcel destined for her, immediately ran to us. We thought that this little girl couldn’t cope with the uplift of the gift. With admiration we escorted her to the room. 15 – year-old Krystian had a double joy: got the perfect gift – professional poker set and companions to the game. Academics sat down at the green table, lollipops and candies were at stake.

As befitted a true New Year's Eve there was champagne (non-alcoholic of course). Volleyball players  opened and poured out the traditional drink for children, their parents and medical personnel. We all wished one another a happy New Year and good health.

Moments later, the "floor invaded" dancers: Joanna Lewis and Paul Iwanicki, who "rock out" and showed what boogie dance is.
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