SuperM(an)ROZU :) 12 grudnia, 2011 12:00 am

Heroes from court and music scene keep painting ornaments for a noble cause. In our campaign, among others, have already participated the players of Polish Volleyball National Team together with coaches, the contestants of The Voice talent show, Łozo & Baron of the Afromental music band, etc. Recently this group has been joined by Mrozu.

Our collaboration with the singer has begun couple of months ago, when he has visited one of our wards from the oncology department of IMiD – Ola. This time, few days after the girl’s birthday, Ola was supposed to recollect her photos from Studio Fotografii Profesjonalnej Verre (Verre Studio of Professional Photography). Mrozu has got to hide just moments before her entrance to the studio. Imagine her surprised face when he has started to sing “Sto Lat” (Polish birthday song).

The glass-ball, after mentioning “total lack of any artistic talent” which is sort of traditional already among our collaborators, was decorated with a pattern showing sky-diver bear.

We are very grateful to Łukasz and his manager Marcin Owczarek, for the time they have found to help our foundation.


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