Sushi for Justyna 19 czerwca, 2013 12:00 am

On the Herosi Foundation’s request a cook from Kwitnąca Wiśnia Restaurant has fulfilled severly ill Justyna’s dream. Bartosz Podlaski has widened girl’s knowledge of japanese cuisine.

Bartek was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information Justyna had. He showed her the technique used by the cooks in sushi restaurants. Justyna has had a great opportunity of complementing know-how and improving her own abilities regarding the process of preparation od such delicacies as hosomaki, nigiri, california maki, futomaki, gunkanmaki, etc. She could also taste traditional asian dumplings known as gyoza. It was a taugh task for Bartek to surprise Justyna by somethin new for her, including the details of sushi history. The Kwitnąca Wiśnia’s cook recalls this meeting as a very pleasant and hopes that with this culinary trip has helped to broaden her knowledge and passion for japanese cuisine.

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