Targets of Heros Charity 4 marca, 2009 6:19 pm
Targets of Heros Charity:

  1. To carry on welfare work to help the ill and disabled people (physically and mentally) and those who are poor or descend from socially pathological groups.
  2. To prepare the disabled to function in the current society and prevent them from being socially or professionally isolated.
  3. To stimulate the disabled to the activity in different social and cultural areas and also eliminate prejudice against the disabled in the society.
  4. To spread physical culture and sport among children and adults as a form of activity during leisure time or a form of rehabilitation.
  5. To support the development of schools, institutions and organizations which popularize sport, recreation, healthcare and cultural education.
  6. To promote socially positive attitude and behaviors.
  7. To work in the area of science, education and upbringing.

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