Warm welcome during Brodnica Festival

Czerwiec 12, 2009 1:10 pm

                                                 TON  – a theatrical group led by Piotr Boruta finished its first tour. The show entitled “Orchestra II” was presented during the XII Polish Artistic Festival for the Disabled.

This edition of the fest was given a title: 'DISABLED ARTISTS GREET BRODNICA TOWN'. The organizers of the event chose 36 theatrical groups to perform on the festival's stage. We are happy to announce that among them was TON led by Piotr Boruta.

This wonderful cultural event was organized by Barbara Tuptyńska. and it should  be said out loud there are unfortunately still few events where the disabled can present their hidden, unusual  talents.

Despite the fact that out theatre performed last on the second day of the festival, it received the greatest reward an artist can dream of – namely, warm and cheerful feedback from the audience – mesmerized by the performance of actors not only playing the roles, yet also each moment successfully overcoming handicaps.                                   

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